What is Essure?

Essure is a permanent form of female birth control (female sterilization). In short, the device is intended to cause bilateral occlusion (blockage) of the fallopian tubes by the insertion of micro-inserts into the fallopian tubes which then anchor and elicit tissue growth, theoretically causing the blockage.

Side Effects

Thousands of women have been reporting common side effects which include: pelvic pain, perforated organs, headaches, nausea, hair loss, pregnancy, device migration, weight gain, depression, skin rashes, adhesion disorders, and hysterectomies.

The Lawsuit

We have prepared and filed the first lawsuits regarding Essure in PA federal court. We currently represent hundreds of clients from all over the United States. In addition, we have prepared and filed the first “Citizens Petition” with the FDA requesting that the FDA, among other things, withdraw its premarket approval of Essure. To learn more about the petition or how you can support it, please visit and leave your comment Citizens Petition.

Contact Us

If you believe you have been injured by Essure, you can contact us at (954) 462-6700. We represent women from all over the United States.



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